Training Hubs

What Are Training Hubs?

Training Hubs are networked arrangements of providers within a specified geography. Their purpose is to understand and develop the community-based workforce, in order to meet the health needs of their local population. They are designed to improve the quality and localisation of education for health professionals. They aim to empower community organisations to work with higher educational institutions to assess workforce training needs, expand capacity for training in the community, innovate in the field of training and deliver multi-professional training.


Croydon Training Hubs has been successful in beginning to embed a sustainable operating model as well as working to align the Training Hubs strategy with the workforce implications of the new model of care, as well as acting as the main driver for the primary care workforce aspects of the GP Forward View and South West London’s Sustainability and Transformation Plan.

training hubs

The current ways of working have been effective to support local transformation, however as we move toward a whole system approach, it is key that the Training Hubs is able to support the development of staff to enact change. The Training Hubs needs to ensure that it does more than simply facilitate training and education to the existing workforce. Whilst this is a key function, it is also crucial that the changing pressures on Primary Care are considered and addressed – more of the same will not prepare the workforce for the challenges ahead. In light of the growing burden on GPs and the gradual reduction in new GP recruits, it is essential that other disciplines are brought into Primary Care and that responsibilities are re-aligned to ensure that current and future challenges can be met.

Accordingly, training and education delivery will need to be considered against strategies for re- shaping the workforce, and for maintaining a competent workforce. The Training Hubs also needs to work together with the Croydon GP Collaborative and Commissioners to ensure that training and education delivery is embedded into service design wherever possible, and that a multi-disciplinary approach is taken when developing patient pathways.


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